Cassell Tarring Architects

The guys at Cassell Tarring came fully prepared with their website design and layout prepared in a PDF. The original challenge was to try to match the PDF pixel for pixel. The secondary challenge was to change most of the spacing from the static PDF design to suit a responsive design better. We worked closely and had a few zoom calls which allowed us to achieve to exact white space that worked best in the browser at all sizes.


The D*Haus Company is a boutique architect firm based in North London. They are well known for their inspired designs and have been featured in many design and architecture publications.

We worked with the founders to develop their brand and online presence, as well as designing a simple website that could encompass all of their design work, architecture projects and messaging in one place.


With the Cassell Tarring design the guys wanted their vision to match their intial design exactly, but also needed some bespoke portfolio & news elements that also reflected their original design.

We worked to their spec and achieved one of the most minimal, considered and responsive websites we have been involved with. There are a record amount of responsive breakpoints which allow the site to look exactly as specified all the way down to 400px wide.


  • Aesthetic
  • Full screen responsive heros
  • Multiple styles of content layouts
  • Meticulous project layouts
  • Highly responsive page layouts
  • Minimalist design
  • Bespoke news layout
  • Parallax Images (movement)
  • Functional
  • Bespoke project page item hover
  • Featured news and project feed – home page
  • Portfolio functionality (back-end login)
  • News/Blog (back-end login)
  • Highly Mobile/Tablet responsive



Michael TarringDirector
Cassell Tarring